Identifying The Different Kinds Of Cranes

Ever wondered how those medieval churches were built? Lifting up those heavy weights and monuments is not a simple task for any man, of course. The concept of lifting weights and loads involves levers, pulleys and other mechanisms that follow the rules of physics and cranes are the ultimate tools that were used in lifting loads. With the advancement of modern day technology, these machines have become one of the most important industrial components and these are the basic types of cranes.

Mobile Cranes

The most versatile and common cranes used in the industry are the mobile cranes and there are various mobile cranes with different load capacities. This is basically a crane that is fixed on to a truck or a movable platform. These cranes are ideal for transporting and lifting moderate loads and most of the platforms have outriggers to make the cranes stable. They have a hook at the end of its boom and the motion is obtained using adjustable levers. This mast, also referred to as ‘boom’, is telescopic and offers a good angle of motion. These machines are popular because of their mobility and ease of operation.

Floating Cranes

As the name itself implies, these cranes are used on large bodies of water. They are ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads off the ships and boats. These cranes have a higher load carrying/lifting capacity than mobile cranes and one of the cons of these machines is that they cannot be moved easily. Floating cranes are ideally used in in places like ports, dry docks etc. and they have become a crucial industrial component with modern day requirements. They have a hook at the end of their boom and hooks can be easily replaced by a wrecking bucket depending on the job.

Overhead Cranes

These are the ultimate lifters in industrial construction works and they have the ability to lift a huge amount of weight. Overhead cranes do not have a movable platform hence they are not mobile. But these cranes can be assembled and disassembled with a little effort. Base of this type of cranes is constructed with heavy steel and their height can be adjusted depending on the construction. Required spare parts for these cranes are common and can be purchased from crane spare parts suppliers. Boom or the load lifting mast is perpendicular to its base and balancing weights ensure its safe operation.

Other than these famous and common types of cranes, there is a wide variety of loader cranes available in market for purchasing and for rent as well.