Why Hydraulic Rescue Tools Represent The Best Methods To Save Lives?

Hydraulic tools have countless use across a wide spectrum of industries. These are employed where fluid pressure is needed in order to make certain systems work as designed. However, few people are aware that hydraulic tools can actually save lives.

Hydraulic tools are easy to use

First of all, it doesn’t take a scientist to operate hydraulic tools. The principles are simple and the tool does a lot on its own. It can cut, pinch, spread and bent heavy metals, and are easy to operate. Firefighters use them, as well as any members of emergency intervention teams. Such tools are operated in industrial settings, but there are also portable, lightweight types, like hydraulic split flow pump, that can be easily carried around as required.

The Jaws of Life

This was the trademark name given to the hydraulic cylinder rental http://royaltechnic.com.au/index.php?pg=rental&cid=2 which was invented several decades ago. Since then it’s been used in emergency interventions at the scene of car accidents, to separate compressed vehicle parts and save passengers trapped inside. The original Jaws of Life were manufactured by Hurst Performance Inc. To this day, they have been reliable in quick rescue missions. Spreaders are often preferred to cutters because it’s quicker to operate them and many risks are eliminated. 

Why are spreaders better than cutters?

Cutting through a heavily damaged car when passengers are trapped inside is a very risky task, not only because the method may cause further injuries. Many modern vehicles are made of extremely strong and sturdy materials, so that can significantly increase the rescue time. Moreover, there is the risk of activating additional airbags that weren’t on initially, thus leading to more compression for the victims. Hydraulic power, on the other hand, can restore the shape of a car and create the much needed room without all the mentioned risks and in a matter of seconds. The more powerful the tool, the bigger the pressure.

The incredible power of hydraulics

Hydraulics represents the power generated through the compression of liquids. This can create force capable to break some of the strongest materials known to man. In many settings and situations, hydraulic tools are used as a handy replacement for high-risk tools such as saws. A saw for example can create a lot of debris; parts of this may fly around or act like projectiles, harming people. A saw might also generate sparks and thus lead to combustion. Hydraulics are much safer.

Nowadays, there are many companies that manufacture and distribute rescue tools. There are even multi-tools on the market – one system that is capable of performing various functions. You will find many combination tools that also use the power of hydraulics.