Hire A Mobile Skip

There is no point in hiring a taxi truck if you want a fridge or a washing machine moved because they won’t do it for you, you might as well hire a van and do the move yourself. In fact it sounds as though the only thing a the companies who have the service will do is move pallets and only if they are properly packaged, they claim to be a courier service and yet they won’t deliver anything that is legal tender, so no money, gold or gems but they will accept envelopes, so how do they know you haven’t filled an envelope up with hundred dollar bills and have hired them to go to your local bookie who is threatening to chop both your legs off because you have been slow to pay up. Unless you are not allowed to seal the envelope until they get a look inside, all they really say is they have the right of refusal to deliver if they feel the cargo is suspect.

Some of the materials on the, we do not move list, are fairly obvious, like radio-active materials, so hiring mini skip at Kingsford them to move the home made nuclear- bomb you have been constructing in your garage, is definitely going to be denied and I would look elsewhere for your transport needs, probably the local megalomaniac might know someone who could help you out. Other items on the list is artwork of any kind, engines and parts, chemicals or foodstuffs that need refrigeration, personal belongings and furniture, if the furniture is flat packed then there may be some exceptions made but don’t count on it.

What they mean by personal belongings is things like clothing, books, posting off the children to visit the grandparents, those type of things. It is probably cheaper to send the kids by bus anyway than it would be to put them in a crate, drill some holes and give them enough food and water to last a couple of days not to mention the cost of the actual delivery for skip hire in Sydney. No it would be much cheaper to stick them on a bus and hope they remember which stop to get off at, at least they get to see some of the country on the journey, its educational and character building.

Oh no pets or livestock either, so no sending Lassie off to find Timmy down the well, it has to be a livestock transport vehicle to get all the cows moved, a delivery van isn’t going to cut it and they won’t remove carcasses either, just because the animal is dead does not change the fact that it was an animal so don’t be a smartarse and try and get that one by them. It contravenes all the health and safety standards they have to abide by and they will just laugh in your face and tell you to piss off or worse call you a sick bastard and call the police.