Old And New Rules

If the cost of your hot water system repairs are ongoing and never seeming to end then it might be time to look into purchasing a new one and there is no worry any longer with which system it is that you can get as a homeowner. Over the last couple of years the government has tried to implement schemes by which home owners were required to install energy efficient systems in their houses. If you were building a new home or in an area that provided gas and were replacing and old hot water system then you had to choose from either gas, solar or heat pump water heating solution. That was repealed in Queensland as of the 1st of February 2013, if you have building plans that were approved before this date then you need to inquire as to where you stand now, in regards to the heating you can have installed but there are means by which you can have an electric system you want.

Most people will generally choose the system that is going to benefit them the most in the long run anyway and with the costs of solar being what they are, it is much of a muchness whether you choose heat from the sun or electric heating. With the prohibitive costs of electricity it is much wiser to ignore the electric models and go the energy efficient route. Some people are worried that they are not going to have sufficient hot water but with the combined systems, those that have both solar/gas or solar/electric that is no longer an issue. There will be plenty of hot water for everyone, that is if you are not standing under the water for hours on end. Get your plumber Melbourne booked today.

There is only so much heated water in any system and you will eventually run out and be left standing in the cold, generally when you have a head full of shampoo and need to rinse.
With the ongoing technological research it will not be long before it will be cheaper and easier to have the solar systems installed and the electric hot water heaters will be a thing from the past, there will be the hybrid models and that will be about it, of course you will have a few die-hard fans who will stand by the electricity as their god given right to choose, should they so wish. Which is their choice but in the end it will be solar and gas that win out the day and children will be flabbergasted that at one time we had water that was heated from the grid instead of from the sun, much like when you whip out an album these days and the kids look astounded that music can issue forth from such a thing. They will be astonished at our wasteful ways.