Nature Of Hydropower Energy

runningHydropower is an energy that has been harnessed for several years, but there is more important that is being given to it. It is a form of a renewable and clean energy source. Dams for generating hydropower have been in vogue for decades. Different methods to harness the power of moving water are now being looked at with renewed focus. The oceans of earth can help in generating hydropower in different ways.

Original usage
The idea of harnessing water power for energy is quite old. It dates back to thousands of years. Hydro power is generated by the force of water or flowing rivers. The force is captured by water wheels and this was used for grinding wheat into flour. Similar devices have been used across the world with the help of hydropower. Earlier mills as well as factories were powered by water. However, till quite some time the water pumping windmills were seen as a source of mechanical energy which helped in turning machinery like saws.
Generating electricity
By the late nineteenth century there had been rapid advances made for generating power or electricity from hydro energy. With water motion, electricity was generated with water pumping windmills. Soon several dams were built by the turn of the century for generating electricity. Several hydroelectric plants are in vogue in different parts of the world today. Several dams are created by changing the flow of water or its natural flow pattern which has caused disruption and floods as well. Hence, the creation of dams is a disputed issue in many places.
Tapping ocean power
Oceans across the world also prove to be sources of power. They provide hydropower and energy in different ways. Tidal power is tapped into in different coastal areas. Tidal power plants have been developed in many places like France. However, there are certain limitations of these constructions for instance limited locations and high costs of construction which prevents tidal power plants from being made easily in different coastal areas. Wave energy is another potential for hydropower generation. There have been projects like in Norway, where the wave motion was used to pull and push air through pipes, spin turbine as well as generate electricity.
Other forms of energy from water
Thermal energy conversion from the ocean is another form of energy tapping that does not take on hydropower directly. Here the differences in temperature in different levels of the ocean water are tapped into. Warm water usually found on the surface can be pressurized and converted to steam. The steam can then power turbines, generates power as well as cool water from greater depths can turn the steam back into water again. These are different ways that energy is tapped into from hydro sources.